Friday, December 16, 2011

The D.C. Job's Hustle and the Reality of the African Working Class

By Abdul Jabbar Caliph 
For the past five months we in the Ujima Peoples Progressive Party (UPP) have been struggling to build a broader coalition of progressive and revolutionary organizations to address the needs of the masses around the contradictions that exist here in this country, contradictions which have left the masses of the African working class suffering from massive unemployment and underemployment issues. These contradictions have revealed a host of other promenaded issues that non-whites in the United States of America of are suffering from under this current capitalist regime.

In September of 2011, Americas’ neo-colonialist President Barack H. Obama introduced a bill to the joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives. This bill was entitled the “American Jobs Act”, he then introduced a proposal for $447 billion dollars to congress to create job amidst what is perceived to be the worst economical crises since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. The economical issues of this nation can never be solved without first solving the political question first!   

The question that America must ask herself, particularly the African working class is if the Obama administrations plan can put us back to work and relive the suffering of untold millions in this nation?
We in Ujima believe that the answer to this question is no! With the massive issue of unemployment and underemployment growth being so rapid in this nation there is no way that we can trust the Capitalist administration of this nation, which has historically been an enemy of not only the African working class but also an enemy to all non-white people who have also been historically oppressed and exploited by this regime. For this regime has a Capitalist- Imperialist agenda for the suppression of all people and organizations that are opposed to it. 

The issues of unemployment and underemployment for the members of the African working class and other non-white people far exceed the numbers of whites in this country. The overall unemployment rate in this nation has been officially reported to be at 9.1 percent which means approximately 15 or 16 million people are struggling to find some form of employment in the artificial created colonialist boarder of this nation. In reality we believe that the numbers far exceed this amount that has been reported, we believe that the number is in reality about 30 million after you take in to the equation the ethnic characteristics of this nation.

The official unemployment/underemployment rate of the Latino community is reported to be around 11.3 percent.  While the massive unemployment/underemployment rate for the African working class is estimated to be around 16.7 percent a drastic increase from 15.9 percent since July. This figure does not take into account the amount of males who are members of the African working class who have a rate around 18 percent according to a report in August. For those among our youth, the African working class youth these figures are estimated to be at an astounding rate of 46.5 percent.

We here in the city of Baltimore, Maryland under the leadership of Chairman Nnamdi Lumumba of the Ujima People’s Progressive Party have purposed a “Living Wage Campaign” to address the need of not only the African working class but the entire population of oppressed and exploited people who make the working class movement of this city. This is something that the Occupy Baltimore Movement has refused to do; the fact it is under the leadership of Red Emma, a white middle class anarchistic organization explains why!

We also realize that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and her neo-colonialist cronies in her administration cannot solve the current political problems that plague this city and its residents. Baltimore city is a city that has a population of 620,961 plus with unemployment/under employment figure of 107,575 people. The African working class represents 418,951 or 64.34 percent of this city population; white working class members represent 205,982 or 31.63 percent of this city population and the fast growing members of this city population are the Hispanic community which have a population of 651,154 people.
Ujima People’s Progressive Party “Living Wage Campaign” addresses the following issue which affects the masses, particularly the African working class:

1.      The immediate end of unemployment/underemployment  as it relates to this nations domestic policy, full employment for all or employment for non (each according to his needs);
2.      The immediate end to all discrimination of descent and fair housing for of this nations population with an end to foreclosures and discrimination in housing and also the immediate end to the brutality practice of Homelessness;      
3.      The immediate end to mass incarceration which is directly reasonable for this nations vast growth of its prison population with an immediate end to police brutality on the streets and inside of this nations prison system;  
4.      The immediate end to all of this nation’s colonialist educational policy as it relates to the so-called citizens of this nation;
5.      The immediate end of gender and racial discrimination, we believe that these two issues have been exploited to their maximum degree to keep the masses divided.
6.      The demand for decent and acquitted health care for all, our motto is “Health before wealth”, this must be a reality in our life time;

7.      The immediate end of all imperialist war of aggression particular against Africa and her people. We believe that the money being used to wage these wars of aggression can be used to develop full employment for the citizens of this nation, let’s put America back to work under the governments full employment act;
8.      The immediate end to this parasitic relationship that exist between capitalism and the African working class by granting the immediate approval of Reparations to the African working class;  
9.      The immediate end to suffering and abuse that our elderly population has to endure, they deserve better treatment and our respect, don’t mess with their Social Security or their retirement benefits or Medicare;
10.  The immediate end of high tuition fees that are currently being charged students that are striving to receive a higher education that will allow them to be better productive members of society. 

We believe that by addressing these issues and building the first independent black political party in the state of Maryland that represents the African working class this will give us a chance to fight back along with the issue of networking with other progressive and revolutionary formations such as the Liberate Baltimore Coalition; the All People Congress and Fannie Lou Hamer Political Action Committee will be able to achieve our objectives of securing the rights of the African working class and building and establish a protracted movement under and around the development of the African working class leadership.

We also believe that the current capitalist political regime cannot address the issue of poverty that has run amok due to the issue of wide spread unemployment and underemployment here in this country. Currently the poverty rate in this country is at one out of eleven people in America live in poverty which equates to 22.3 million people who now trapped/reside in America’s lowest socially economical areas (America’s domestically colonized community’s/ghettos). Between 2000 and 2009, the number of people dwelling in these “high-poverty areas”, (low social economic areas) grew by approximately 10 million that is an estimated population up from 33 million to 43 million making it a poverty rate of 14.3 percent.

For members of the African working class that means one in four people live in poverty approximately 7.6 million people and for the Hispanic community that means one in six people live in poverty approximately 7.1 million people.  According to the census tract 30 percent or more of America’s citizens live in poverty. This is what capitalism means to the average member of the working class community who share slavery and misery, and who understands this better then the African working class. Capitalism was after all build and founded on the back of African slaves who were brutality treated as human beings by white America and native population, look at and study the history of this country Indian population particularly the Cherokee nation’s ownership of human beings, African slaves.

In 2003 the United States government defined poverty as an annual income for a family of four, one adult and three children to be less than $18,392.00 dollars a year about $8.89 an hour. Comrades you need to understand this important fact, the Census Bureau has been using the same formula that was designed by the Social Security Administration since 1964. This nutty formula was developed around the spending patterns of 1955. They have been robbing and tricking people for the past 56 years using this formula.

We in Ujima realize that the only formula that can alleviate the crippling conditions of unemployment/underemployment and poverty is the total transformation of this plague ridden capitalist economy to that of a socialist economy that will render justice to the working class which can only be accomplished under the leadership of the African working class, the most oppressed and exploited class of people on the planet. 

Comrades we are calling on all Pan-African forces, progressive and revolutionary in this country to adopt a “Living Wage Campaign” and to organize the African working class to fight back against the oppressive and exploitive conditions that they may find themselves within. We believe that this tactic will allow us to best expose the contradictions that exist under this Capitalist-Imperialist Administration and its relationship to the African working class.  As Pan-African Internationalist we realize the current global economy and it parasitic relationship to the African working class movement is based on the rape, looting, and murder of African people. It is our job to awaken the masses and to organize the people to strike a blow against their former slave master and put an end to the parasitic relationship that exist between us, white supremacy and their neo-colonialist allies.

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