Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Understanding the Socialist Economy Theory: A Pan-African Internationalist Analysis

Bcde. Abdul Jabbar Caliph, Chief Editor, African World Report Online
When one thinks about the socialist theory of economics I can think of no better example then that of Venezuela and Cuba. These two countries, which have born the brunt of capitalist-imperialist attacks against revolutionary socialism by Western Imperialism. Under the leadership of President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias and Fidel Castro these countries have been able to successfully intertwine their national and political objectives with the social and economical problems of their countries.  
The transformation from capitalism to socialism has been no easy task for either of these two giants. For the past fifty-one years the proud revolutionary government of Cuba has had to fight a lengthy campaign against the illegal, inhuman embargo that has been imposed against it by the capitalist-imperialist regime of the United States of America.  This harsh embargo has resulted in illegal sanctions being imposed against the proud people of Cuba who refused to bow down to the imperialist pressures of the United States of America. 

These illegal sanctions were designed to accomplish the following objective:
  1. To establish a climate in which the people would organize to overthrow the current government of Cuba;
  2. To prevent U.S. companies from during business with Cuba thereby forcing the economy to suffer;  
  3. To prevent the travel of citizens from traveling to Cuba. African people need to understand our relationship to Cuba and its’ importance to our struggle for the liberation of African people;
Despite these obstacles the proud nation of Cuba has been able to survive. This is due the courage of the Cuban people and the bold leadership of Fidel Castro. The abandonment of Imperialist Russia has also not made it easy on the Socialist economical survival of the people against the Capitalist-Imperialist embargo of the United States. 

The second nation that I have selected as an example is the proud nation of Venezuela that is currently under the leadership of President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias a leader that displayed what it means to be a true socialist. Hugo Chavez has been able to establish a host of revolutionary programs that not only have benefited his people but also the vast majority of the socialist governments in Latin America and    the Caribbean’s.

These programs consist of the following:
  1. The establishment and implementation of a new constitution that respect and represent the people of Venezuela. This allow for the advancement of a Socialist government inside of this country that allow for the participation of the people in the nationalization of several key industries; 
  2. The establishment of Tel Suv television network;
  3. The establishment of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas – this organization has allowed for the international cooperation of organizations based on the ideas of social, political and economical integration between the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean’s;
  4. The establishment of the Bank of the South-an intergovernmental union integrating two previous existing custom unions into one to meet the new needs of the people. This union is based on and model after some concepts of the European Union;      
  5. The establishment and implementation of the Union of South America Nations.
 It is because of the path that these two giants have paved that many other Socialist nations have been able to with the vast isolation that rest of the world has shown towards them. Countries such as Bolivia; Ecuador and Nicaragua have indeed been able benefit from their mutual cooperation to improve the lives of their people. This is what it means to establish a Socialist economy along the lines of political and social theories that not only involve the nationalization of key industries for your people but allow for the mutual cooperation and befit of fellow Socialists nations. 
Both of the leaders of these countries have attempted to developed a political relationship with the United States and this relationship has been refused by all the Presidents of the United States. Hugo Chavez has even went as far as to offer President Obama pointers on the transition from a Capitalist economy to that of a Socialist economy which was reject out right

No one knows how far they will be able to succeed but from a Pan-African Internationalist point of view it is safe to say that they are off to a good start. They understand what V.I. Lenin meant when he said it was possible for an underdeveloped country to develop a socialist economy along a non-capitalist path. This is accomplished by moving towards the establishment of a Socialist government that is ruled by the working class of that nation in order to meet the needs of the people.
We need to understand that it is not just the state that is against the development of Socialism but it is the petty bourgeoisie, neo-colonialists element  and private capitalist formations that aid them, that are fighting tooth-and-nail to keep us from tearing down this oppressive, exploitative capitalist-imperialist regime. They fear change; they fear the lost of their power of the working class, particularly the African working class that is keeping this rotten edifice alive and breathing. 
They, the force inside of the United States of America government understand fully that the elements for the establishment of a Socialist government exist right here in this country.  You may be asking yourself what are the forces that he is talking about?  Here are the forces that I am talking about listed below:
  1. The Urban working class element that is currently suffering from massive unemployment and underemployment issues, particularly the African working class element that been forced to turn to semi-Lumpen or Lumpen activity ( criminal) activity in order to survive;
  2. The Lumpen element that are involved in criminal activity who currently make up this country’s prison population, particularly the masses of African people who make up at half of the population; 
  3. The Rural working class element that is made up of farmers, share choppers and peasants;
  4. The socialist element which is made up of progressive and revolutionary forces that are working to develop a new order under the leadership of the working class, mainly the Pan-African Internationalist Coordinating Committee(PICC) that realizes no country can exist for long without the assistant of other Socialist nations;
  5. The State Capitalist structure that seeks to keep using oppressive and exploitative measures to arrest the peaceful transformation from a capitalist society to a socialist government.
If Africa is to know true independence and freedom then she must completed the revolution of the 60’s and move into a new age of Socialism. Africa must realize that she only completed phase one of the revolution and therefore must fight to abolish neo-colonialism, a parasitic disease that tries it to the capitalist-imperialist structure that is causing massive havoc to her political-economical structure.  Upon doing this she can form a Republic of Africa under the leadership of the African working class and establish a socialist economy through the nationalization of state industry that will befit all African citizens.  

As members of the African working class we must realize that the seizure of power is only the first step in this process the consolidation of power is the most important step. The consolidation of power will allow for the transformation from a capitalist economy to a socialist economy.  A socialist economy would allow Africa to feed herself; it would destroy the parasitic relationships that exist between non-whites and people of African descent. This would allow for a real global economy to be established that would meet the needs of the people.

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