Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Political Situation in Baltimore City - Rotten As Every

The political situation inside of Baltimore City is just like that of many domestically colonized communities, rotten as ever. Between the corruption in the mayor’s office and the corruption inside the police department everybody is losing, except for the rich and their neocolonialist agents. As members of the African Working Class grow poorer, we find ourselves more oppressed and exploited then every by the white capitalists-colonialist ventures of Maryland State.

Recent events in this city have proven the above statement to be true as every. Approximately one year ago we witnessed the previous mayor, Sheila Dixon, lose her position for petty theft; about $500 dollars worth of gift cards were stole from the poor. These gift cards were given to her by the capitalist vultures of this state as minor gifts to comfort the poor while they attempted steal from the poor, through trickery and lies the vermin infested housed that they lived within, adding to the displacement of thousands. Through a corrupted court hearing she was given two years probation and allowed to keep an $83,000.00 dollar a year pension, that should of went back to the people of this city. To add further insult to this illegal, betrayal of the people after her two year period of probation of community service she will have her record wiped clean! She has expressed interested in running for reelection in 2014 as the Mayor of his city once again. This happened once before in my lifetime when Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Berry was reelected after being convicted of smoking crack cocaine during a drug sting.
Upon the force removal of this petty bourgeois, neo-colonialist bootlicking agent of imperialism we saw yet another replacement of the same charter by the name of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Under the current administration of Rawlings-Blake we have witnessed numerous police corruption cases. The first being the illegal murder of an innocent former marine by a ruthless, drunk PIG by the name of Gahiji Tshambar. This bitch ass motherfucker, punk shoots and murdered an unarmed civilian for talking to a woman that he was said to be interested in and only received 15 years and this was not the first time that he shoot a person in a dispute while being drunk. Next, we witnessed approximately 50 cops be criminally charged with being involved in an illegal towing operation. They allegedly received numerous kick backs for telling people to have their cars towed by a company that didn’t have a contract with the city. Finally we witnessed another cop with the mentality of a drug dealing government agent allegedly get caught on the phone while in the parking lot of Northwestern police station conducting a drug deal. This isn’t his first time that he was alleged to have been involved in an illegal operation such as this; he was just cleared after a three year investigation of similar charges!
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is attempting run for election as the second neo-colonialist female mayor in the history of Baltimore city. She is currently running on an anti-black ticket which calls for harsher sentences being imposed on various members of the African Working Class for who continuously get locked up for gun and drug violations. In a city of approximately 600,000 residents between 65 to 67% of it’s’ members being of the African working class it is hard to not participate in illegal activity. Many of the residents of this city are unemployed or underemployed due to the capitalist-colonialist education that they have received which has resulted in many of its African Working Class members going straight to prison! It should be noted and understood that Baltimore city, Prince George County and the Eastern Shore, Maryland represent the three largest concretion areas of African Working Class membership; they also represent the three largest area from which members of the African Working Class are send to prison. These three areas also have a history of African Working Class rebellion against the State!
And once again we see an ill attempted being made to entertain the masses in order to keep their minds diverted from focusing on the real problems at hand, the massive political and economical crises that plague the city residents. Problems such as unemployment and underemployment that has led to approximately about 135,000 people a year going through central booking for public nuisance crime and minor drug processions charges. At least two-thirds of those who are arrested have been lock up and charged at least once are twice before.  This is the nature of petty bourgeois politics; they never seek to solve the problems of the people they only seek to oppress and exploited the people by divert ding their attention in order to keep the masses from rebellion and overthrowing this rotten government.  
Over Labor Day weekend the city of Baltimore is sponsoring a Grand Prix Race that is coasting the residents’ million of dollars. Only a fraction of the money that is being spent is expected to be made back from such a wasteful event of the tax payer’s money. Similar events have been sponsored before in Washington, Detroit and in San Jose, California. They all have meet with dismally failure! The African Working Class and the rest of the residents of this city deserve better. They deserve to be represented and heard, they have a right to expect more from their elected officials. 
Comrades, Brothers and Sisters it doesn’t matter who runs for political office in this city or any city in the United Snakes of Amerikkka if they don’t have a platform that represents the people, particularly the African Working Class the most oppressed and exploited class in Amerikkka. As a Pan-African Internationalist it is important that we understand that in order to seize power from the state is only the first step in winning our people to participate in their own liberation. This can be accomplished by establishing liberated zones and setting up an alternative government structure to govern the people. By allowing the people to participate in such a structure we would be eliminating or limiting the problems that an African Working Class Community would be faced with day-to-day. 
Comrades by establish such an area we would be able to control police brutality, establish effective survival programs for the people and consolidating the power of the people in  that area. This would give the people some democratic living space to operate in and to better organize the people to wage an effective campaign for the liberation of African people trapped within the domestically colonized borders of these vermin infested neighborhoods. We could establish a dual- competing economy for the people that would enrich their lives.
Comrades this is what all progressive and revolutionary forces should be working for if they loved the people. It doesn’t matter if they live in the city or in rural areas, they must “cast down their bucket” and effectively organize the people, educate the people rising their political consciousness and start mobilizing the people towards their own liberation! This can be easily accomplished by establishing a unity front based on principal unity under the leadership of the African Working Class who understand the revolutionary ideology of Pan-African Internationalisms, the true path for the liberation of Africa and her people. This is the only way we can end government and police corruption that oppressed and exploited the people for years.

Join the revolution
Free Africa and her people
Follow the ideology of Pan-African Internationalisms

By Abdul Jabbar Caliph  & Cde. Obasi Camara

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