Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Make It Plain: Food as a Weapon, Are You For Real? What Africa Needs to do for Her Survival!

Comrades, sisters, and brothers, for years now we have seen how the capitalist-colonialist power structure of white supremacy has attempted to place its strangle hold around the necks of Africa and her children in order to control the vast resources of the neo-colonially dominated African continent. Through the rape and pillaging of vast amount of resources, human and material, our former colonial masters have once again launched a new form of warfare against our people. This has been accomplished through the use of food as a weapon against African People.

Currently in the Eastern region of Africa, in Ethiopia and Somalia, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of our family members are suffering and starving from a serious lack of food; food that they clearly have the ability to provide for themselves. Not only has this happened in Africa but also throughout the African Diaspora whereever African people may live and against other people color! White imperialism has convinced a once self-sufficient people to become vastly dependent upon our historical enemy for their means of sustenance and survival. Through the destruction of agriculture, by means of the replacement of stable food crops with cash crops, we have become dependent upon them to provide food for us to eat that we once grew an abundant amount of. We have sacrificed our freedom and independence and allowed a new millennial generation of neo-slave culture to hinder our political-economical growth as a people. 

As a Pan-African Internationalists I realize that if we as a people are going to solve our immediate problem, the survival of Africa and her children must be a primary task for us. In carrying out this task, we must expose the most immediate threat to our success: neo-colonialism. Once the contradictions of neo-colonialism have been exposed then we as a people must begin the development of strategy and tactics that will push us forward into the completion of the African Revolution in our lifetime! No true African freedom fighter would dare claim that the revolution will be won and fought in the live time of his/her children. To do so is to expose the cowardice of your political development!

Comrades, brothers and sisters, Africa today, just as it did yesterday, processes enough resources to feed, clothe and house everyone in Africa! As a matter of fact, Africa provides the very wealth and resources that the whole global economy is based upon. Through the proper management of Africa’s resources and the closing of her boarders she would once again be able to become the greatest civilization that mankind has every known! This can be accomplished under the leadership of the African Working Class and the formation of the People’s Republic of Africa. It is by the development of such a radical concept that we as a people will be able to achieve true freedom and independence in our lifetimes. Africa only went through phase one of her struggle for independence: freedom from her white capitalist-colonialist masters. She must now complete phase two by defeating neo-colonialism and neo-colonial sellouts – the bootlicking agents of Imperialism who benefit from this neo-slave system. The scramble for Africa and her resources is real and will never end until we, as a people, end it! We must never, ever allow anything or anyone to deter us from waging a well planned campaign of struggle for the freedom and independence of Africa and her people all over the Diaspora! Africa must be FREE!

As the Chief Editor of the African World Report and a member of the Ujima Peoples Progress Party (UPP), two revolutionary mass organizations, I refuse to compromise on the issues that Africa and her people are suffering from, no matter where we find these problems. My comrades and I refuse to betray or sellout Africa and her people. We are guided by the ideology of Pan-African Internationalism, the true theory of African liberation. It is Pan-African Internationalism that shows us that African people must become able to control the politics, economics, and culture of Africa. We must destroy the parasitic relationship that currently exists between us and the rest of the world. We either die as soldiers in the cause of freedom and independence or we live and die as slaves - forever eating the shit of the international white bourgeoisie ruling class.

Freedom and independence or slavery and misery, the choices is yours.
Uhuru Sasa (Freedom Now)!

One People-One Aim-One Country, The People's Republic of Africa!

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