Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inside the Belly of the Beast : The Exploding Prison Growth in the USA

For years now the prison population inside of the United Snakes of Amerikkka has grown at an incredible rate. Today the U.S. is the largest manufacturer of neo-slavery; with only 5% of the world’s population, it has incarcerated nearly a quarter of its population behind bars. Almost 1 out every 100 people in this country are locked behinds bars as you read this article. For the past forty-one years, since 1970, we have witnessed an increase in Amerikkka’s prison population by 700%, placing 2.4 million people directly inside of the belly of the beast! 

In the state of Maryland, the northern-most state of the U.S. south (it sits on the Mason-Dixie line), we have seen a serious spike in the amount of kidnapped people being placed behind the wall of these neo-Nazi concentration camps, otherwise known as prisons, correctional facilities, and so on. The prison population here has tripled to over 22,000, at a cost of more than $783 million dollars a year. In 2009, it cost an average of $33,000 per person to hold a person inside of a so called pretrial detention center. Last year in Maryland 23,000 people were arrested for possession of marijuana while another 13,000 were arrested for trespassing. Trespassing in this state is a catch-all law that is used to round up people suspected of committing some sort of criminal offense; it’s a modern day form of anti-black slavery law. The Baltimore City Central Booking Center easily process between 130,000 to 135,000 people each year; many of them rearrested for non-violent crimes such as drugs, loitering, petty thief and parole violation. Furthermore, parole violations are the easiest thing to be rearrested for, and not just here in Maryland, but also in other states. It is the number one thing members of the African Working Class are rearrested for in any state! Most of them are rearrested and found guilty of technical violations, such as failure to report a change of address, to meet with a probation officer or going out of state without proper notification. There were over 4,000 cases in 2010 of people violating parole in the state of Maryland alone. 

All across the capitalist-colonialist boarders of the United Snakes of Amerikkka, people are calling for a reform movement addressing the current problems of prison overcrowding and brutality that seems to plague the prison industry. While the expansion of the U.S. prison system has continued, many of these prison reform movements have not addressed the immediate concerns of Amerikkka’s vast inmate population. For any prison movement to truly be successful it must work on two fronts. The first front is inside the prisons themselves in order to address the immediate concerns of the people being held prisons. The second front must be launched on the outside by the family and friends of those currently housed inside of the vermin infested, disease ridden, overcrowded, penal institutions. Once these two aspects are brought about, there must be open, institutional communication between the two fronts of the movement that allows them to collectively develop strategy and tactics around the issues affecting those housed that are incarcerated. Along with all of the above, a national movement must be established and a united front must be formed to extend the movement as far and wide as possible. Finally, we need to make the world understand that any attack on one African is an attack on all African people and it will not be accepted or tolerated.

The prison movement must take on the issue of bringing home our political prisoners and our prisoners of war who are currently incarcerated inside of these places. Comrades like Mumia Abu Jamal, Marshall Eddie Conway and Assata Shakur, just to name a few, need to be brought home to a hero’s welcome! We then need to demand reparations and an apology from this filthy, rotten government on the way it has treated all of our brothers and sisters and for the counterinsurgency program that it waged against our comrades under the disguise of the COINTELPRO, a program that is still currently being waged under various names. 

We need to have a massive protest movement going on all over Amerikkka to call attention to the plight of African people; it needs to be waged under the ideology of Pan-African Internationalism, the correct ideology of African Liberation! Every African man, woman and child needs to be educated, organized and mobilized under the guidance of Pan-African Internationalism so that we can collective come to realize that the only freedom and independence that African people are going to get is going to come from our own hands and not anyone else! 

Comrades, Brothers, and Sisters lets “Rebuild the Revolution of the 60’s” under the ideology of Pan-African Internationalism and move to push forward the revolutionary process of true African Liberation here in the U.S. and abroad! Let’s form a principled united front that refuses to sell out the movement because Africa and her children need us all. Uhuru Sasa!

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