Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Make It Plain: Class Struggle in Africa - Which Way to Freedom, Socialism or Capitalism?

By Abdul Jabbar Caliph, Chief Editor
For years the people all over the world have asked themselves which path will the people of the U.S. follow. Will it be the parasitic path of Capitalism or will it be the path of Socialism, the only path of liberation for the masses of African people, particularly the African working class? In 1994 Nelson Mandela became the first black President of South Africa, a doomed state. Despite the fact that he was a political prisoner for 27 years, Mandela choose the path of Capitalism, a path of continued oppression and exploitation under the administration of Neo-Colonialism. 

Recent activity inside of South Africa (Occupied Azania) has proven that a new form of defiance has emerged among the masses, particularity among its youth. It is this population that is suffering the most from lack of employment, denial of educational opportunity, and inadequate health care due the raise of HIV/AIDS. It is this segment of the population that this author is attempting to reach out to in order to give guidance to.  They are the advanced guard and true hope of achieving the liberation and freedom of the toiling masses in this Neo-colonialist state. 

Recently, we have seen the firing of Julius Malema from his leadership position as the head of the African National Congress (ANC) youth coordinator. Malema was once considered the “future leader of South Africa” and on November 10, 2011 he was suspended from all party activity for five years after being accused of being a “reckless populist with the potential to destabilize South Africa and spark racial conflict.”  He dared to question the leadership of President Jacob Zuma, a Neo-colonialist administrator of white imperialism; he called for the nationalization of all industry in South Africa and dared to continue to sing the song after being hit with a two year sentence after calling for the death of the Boars. This gained him massive popularity among the youth of South Africa and, as is obvious, shocked the old guard, the regime of Neo-Colonialism. 

Julius Malema's proposal is by far the most radical position of any member of the ANC in recent times. This young man understands that by transforming the national economy to that of a socialist political economy that he would be thereby transforming society into that of a real Pan-African society, a Pan-African society under the leadership of the African working class, the main force in the history of social changge! Malema by now realizes that for any real change to occur such as those that he has proposed the following must happen immediately:
  1. Malema must be willing to have open dialogue with PAC and other Pan-African forces inside of occupied Azania. This hopefully will led to a united Pan-African Front.
  2. He must establish a way to unite the African working class in the participation of the development a new Pan-African socialist political economy which will be under the direct leadership of the African working class;
  3. He must work towards the removal of all Neo-colonialist administrators from their political position and replace them with loyal, dedicated Pan-African political forces;
  4. He must establish a method of releasing all Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War currently held in the penal system of South Africa;
  5. He must be willing to destroy all of the artificial created colonialist boarders and sub-boarders inside of occupied Azania and inside of Africa itself. This will lead to the development of a People's Democratic Republic of Africa.
  6. The greatest and possibly most difficult task for them is to separate from their current ideology and accept Pan-African Internationalism, the theory that calls for the total liberation and freedom of all African people all over the Africa Diaspora.
Comrades this is the minimum of what is required to free South Africa and the rest of Africa. There is no substitute for this task. We must either choose to move forward or forever move backwards into a total state of slavery and misery, forever at the beck and call of our former colonialist masters. To choose the second course of action is to betray our ancestors and to betray the African Revolution. It is the acceptance of Neo-colonialism! 

In order to free Africa of her legacy of colonial domination which is still in effect in Africa we must develop a Direct Action plan that will lead us to the liberation that we so desire! This action plan must include the common ordinary African citizens, the African working class participation within the struggle for the destruction of Neo-colonialism and the complete overthrow of Imperialism. This is the true course of action that must be taken, this is the course of action that must be used to unite the people and mobilize them towards true freedom!

Not only must Joseph Malema accept these truths so too must all of those who call for the total liberation of Africa. We must put aside our subjective, petty views and work towards the development of a society that is truly worthy of being called an African society, a society under the leadership of the African working class, the African proletariat the most noble and humble group of people in the world! 
The question we have to ask ourselves is, are we Africans or not? If we are African people then we have an obligation to rebuild Africa and transform her into a society truly worthy of being called an African society! It is an embarrassment to the descents of a noble nation of people to allow a small segment of Neo-colonialist and their imperialist puppet-masters to continue to oppress and exploited us! We are not chattel or property, we are human beings, we are African people and we should be proud!

 We as Pan-Africanist must realize that no amount of opposition must be allowed to stand in our way of seeing an unified Africa, an Africa that will usher us into a new era of leadership! It is this leadership that will pave the way for a new direction in the lives of African people as a whole throughout the Diaspora!
We must remember that no amount of protest or demonstration can or has every guaranteed a peoples liberation or freedom. No amount of environmental concerns will be able address the massive issues that we as a people face. Real power is achieved by the seizure and consolidation of power; therefore let the struggles inside of South Africa be the launching pad for the beginning of a new era inside Africa, the era of the Republic of Africa!

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