Friday, December 16, 2011

Haitian Education Deepens Its Ties to Colonial Education

By Nnamdi Lumumba
On December 13, 2011 the Haitian government announced a partnership with two well known tools of U.S. imperialism, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Non-governmental organization Teachers Without Borders. Both organizations are front organizations for carrying out U.S. policy in formally colonized and neo-colonialized nations.

Supported by the neo-colonial U.S. puppet government in Haiti, Dr Frantz Casseus, chief of staff of the Education Minister, was quoted as commending the OAS for this initiative and reiterated continued support from his ministry. Over the next three years, the OAS will facilitate training for more than 260 teachers.
Dr. Casseus is commending the OAS, an organization formed by the infamous imperialist General George Marshall when he was the U.S. Secretary of State. The OAS was created with the explicit purpose of fighting socialist democracies from taking root in the Americas.

As early as 1960, the Cuban administration correctly characterized the OAS as the "Ministry of Colonies" of the United States of America.  In 1962, at the instruction of the U.S., the nation of Cuba was suspended from the OAS as an active member.  The wording of the resolution put forward for Cuba’s suspension spoke directly to the fact that Cuba was a worker’s state that defeated and expelled blood sucking white nationalist and capitalists. It called Cuba’s socialist democracy, “… incompatible with the principles and objectives of the inter-American system.”

Teachers Without Borders are an NGO founded in the U.S. in 2000. It puts forward an agenda that articulates itself as a tool to help teach educators in poor nations teach its children better. It promotes its agenda with the following programs: Certificate of Teaching Mastery, Emergency Education, Peace, Education, Millennium Development Ambassadors, Voice of Teachers Radio Show and Voice of Teachers Journal. None of these education programs seem capable of criticizing imperialism, capitalism and the oppression of the laboring peoples of the world by parasitic ruling classes.

Teachers Without Borders, like so many of programs that send young U.S. teachers throughout the world are similar function similar to the Peace Corps. An organization that on its face pretends to be about helping people but in reality helps feed the U.S. intelligence gathering services.

No nation of formally enslaved, colonized and oppressed people can be gullible enough to believe an imperialist nation like the U.S. is sincerely interested in education of the masses. Within the U.S. borders, the education system provided to domestically colonized Africans, colonized Mexican and other indigenous people serve to reinforce the socio-economic relationship of parasitic white power.  There is no education to teach African people how to be free and self-determined. There can be no such education exported outside the U.S!

The education received by colonized peoples only attempts to deepened their dependency and allegiances to the forces of imperialism. This is not an education that can be used to answer our issues and solve our problems. In the words of Chairman Fred Hampton Sr, “ You’ll get answers that don’t answers and conclusions that don’t conclude…”

Pan-African Internationalists must build the capacity to develop our own programs that will train and transport educators throughout the African and oppressed world. We must engage in the work of building dual and contending institutions so the people can clearly see what forces in the world represent their true interests.  African educators must not only be committed to educating the people but also arming the people with knowledge that serves their need to be free and independent on their own terms.

Pan-African Internationalists must be clear that Dr. Casseus’ support of the OAS is a veiled support for U.S. imperialist control of Haiti and the brains of our African people.  It is doubtful that any support by the OAS and Teachers Without Borders that does not come without a struggle by progressive and revolutionary nations in the Americas can be good for Haiti or any member state.

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