Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Failing Amerikkkan Public Schools & KC Dist. Accreditation

By Chenhotep Freeman
There is a serious crisis with the condition of public education in Amerikkka, and to understand this situation we must uncover the ruling class benefit in the under education of the working class & African youth in our Communities. The current public education system of this country was given birth in response to the industrial development of this country. During the transition from the unpaid forced agricultural slave labor that built this country into a technologically advanced society, workers needed to have a simple low level of education in order to maximize capital extraction (profit).

The public educational institutions that compose Amerikkkas ineffective system was never designed to educate its subjects into being independent thinking, productive, members of society. During the early 1800’s the agricultural economy of Amerikkka was giving way to industrialization and the enslaved Africans began to amplify their struggles for freedom & self determination. Now the ruling class recognized the changes in the economy and needed to develop an industrial working class to replace the highly illiterate agricultural working class. Public education in this country was created to produce workers for the wealthiest top percent of citizens to exploit their skills and labor for profit and personal gain.

The economic system of capitalism has to have a working class to mistreat and exploit in order to maximize profits. Public schools act as the tool to keep the masses of the people undereducated and dependant on selling their labor to provide the food, clothing and shelter we need to survive. There have been many half-assed solutions to the problem of failing public education such as magnet, alternative, and charter schools but, none of these offers a long term sustainable solution to the exploitation of the working class and African youths. There have been policies updated and reauthorized by the O-bomb-ya administration to “reform” the failing public education system the No Child Left Behind Act from 2001 as well as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. Both of these actions were passed as a part of the “War on Poverty and Crime” proposals that have proven extremely ineffective at solving the problem of inequality.

Here in Kansas City, MO there has been a crises around the issue of educating the working class African youth that comprise the majority of the Kansas City School District. During the past two years, the KCMO school district has had their former superintendent Dr. John Covington close nearly one-third of schools and overcrowd the remaining schools in the district. Recently Dr. Covington resigned prior to the end of his contract to take a job at another predominately African, failing, school district in Detroit, MI.

There is a practical alternative to this crisis in Amerikkkan public education and it is to create a contending home school community controlled educational institution. Working class peoples across this nation should organize ourselves to provide the solution to this dilemma.

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Asante for this article. It appears to me that the national educational system needs to be deconstructed from top down, in order to construct an equitable system that is INCLUSIVE OF ALL CHILDREN!