Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Make It Plan: Pan-Arabism and Its Underdevelopment In Africa The Threat of Arab Ideology to Africa - Pt.1

“The time has come to draw practical conclusion from years of studying African problems, to sum them up in formulas that are clear as possible and easy to apply.”  Cheika Anta Diop 

Uhuru Comrades, Brothers and Sisters very few us understand the serious threat that the Arab ideology of Pan-Arabism pose to the unification of African society as a whole. This ideology has seriously led to the underdevelopment of Africa and her people. Under the disguise of religion, al-Islam we have watched the most backward people on the planet earth trick and enslave the masses of African people making them believe and support Pan-Arabism

First, allow me to explain why I have taken this position about the Arabs and their involvement in the underdevelopment of Africa. Many of us sadly believe that the Arabs are our brothers in faith and that they have our best interest at heart! Pan-Arabism is a political ideology that calls for the unification of all Arabs who wish to, live as a united, single nation. Through the use of various alliances and to a lesser extent, economical co-operations they were able to achieve a primitive form of strategically power in the so called middle-east. This was achieved because of the oil which was discovered in the northern part of Africa, Algeria, Egypt,  Saudi Arabia, Libya and Kuwait just to name a few.

It is because of this ideology that that we have witnessed the rape and pillage of Africa. We have seen Africans murdered, enslaved and disfigured all in the interest of Pan-Arabism. We have seen wars fought for the advancement of this ideology, wars which have caused serious famine among African people and serious population displacement. Pan-Arabism is an ideology that promotes oppression and exploitation of non-Arabs, women and particularly those of African descent.

Pan-Arabism is neo-colonialist ideology that seeks to place white Arabs as the new imperialist power in the northern region of Africa and along the horn of Africa. To be more specific, Pan-Arabism is a petit bourgeoisie dominated worldview which at one time was a progressive force in the anti-colonialist struggle against western imperialism but upon consolidating the leadership of neo-colonialist forces in power has viciously attempted to assert itself on African people and against the interest of Arab workers and other poor labors.

We must face the fact the current Arab regimes are no longer contented to play the role of imperialist lackeys always doing their European masters bid. No, indeed they want to be the new masters of the region and it doesn’t matter how many Africans they have to rape, murder, terrorize, torture or enslave to accomplish this.

Who among us can forget the Pan-Arabism campaign of Darfur, Sudan in which thousands of our African brothers and sisters along with their children were brutally massacred because of their skin color by the same people who claim to have your best interest at heart?  They were murdered by pale, white skinned Arabs  and brainwashed Arab nationalist minded African traitors who claimed to ne their brothers in faith!

If you need more too convince you of the brutal, barbaric campaign that Is being waged against Africans by Pan-Arabism just look at what is happing in Somalia where a terrorist band of Arab neo-colonialist slave are running around doing the bidding of their Arab masters. They are using food as a weapon to starve their own brothers and sisters all in the name of religion. Millions of Africans are dying from famine even as they are forced to die marching along the “trail of death” to Ethiopia!  
You say that you still need more, then look at what is happing in the northern part of Nigeria another group of Arab led neo-colonialist slaves are running around blowing up oil pipelines destroying the fertile land that exist there all in the name of religion. We must never forget the just stance that our Nigerian sisters took a little while back when they stood up and took over the United States of America owed Chevron owned oil refineries demanding that they provide the underdeveloped African communities of that region with schools, fresh water, health clinics, employment, pensions and unemployment insurances that will advance and approve the life of Africans. These noble, courageous sisters put a temporary halt to the estimated production of 1.8 billion oil barrels per day.

The profits from Nigeria oil are shared among the greedy, parasitic imperialist powers of the United Snakes. Shell, Chevron, Texaco and Exxon Mobile rape billion from the daily production of oil in this country. This is seen as a direct threat to interest of Saudi Arabia who plans on being the number one producers of oil for that region. Everybody gets richer off the backs of Africa except the African working class.

Comrades, Pan-Arabism is responsible for more murders, plundering and rapes of Africans then we care to admit to. Under Pan-African Internationalisms we understand that this backwards ideology, the ideology of Pan-Arabism is anti-African, anti-human and parasitic. Unless we put a halt to the invasion of Pan-Arabism, the encroachment of this ideology and practice, will cause us to soon find ourselves re-enslaved.

We need to understand clearly that the freedom and independence that we desire as a people will never be given. It must be struggled and fought for by African people. A revolution must take place; a fierce campaign must be waged for the establishment of a Republic of Africa under the leadership of the African working class, the only force that can free and unite Africa and her People!

Remember comrades the seizure of power means nothing without the consolidation of power taking place immediately afterward, this can only happen under the leadership of an African vanguard party whose cadre forces have been tempered like steel! Rebuild the revolutionary movement that is need to free Africa and her people. Africa has only gone through phase one of the revolution by over throwing the neo-colonialist forces that seek to hold us back. Let us smash class peace and move forward on the path of freedom and true independences!   

“African development is possible only on the basis of a radical break with the international capitalist system, which has been the principal agency of the underdevelopment of Africa over the last five centuries.”  Walter Rodney 
Uhuru Sasa (Freedom Now)
Uhuru Daima (Freedom Forever)

Abdul Jabbar Caliph
Editor In Chief

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